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Solid-fuel appliances – Planning is the first step

The purchase of a modern heating system should be well prepared, because such appliances are designed to embellish your home for many years to come and bring you comfortable warmth. Hardly any other fixture changes domestic life quite as much as does a tiled stove, open-fire-stove or a fireplace.

Why a new heating system for solid fuels?

Does your home already have a solid-fuel heating system or do you want to exchange an old appliance for a modern one? In that case, it is the right heat output in particular that is your main concern. Or do you have a central or single-storey heating system and wish to add another for solid fuels? Then there are questions as to the site in your home, the connection to the chimney and the right heat output that will need answering. Please always make sure that the selected appliance has a low emission level combined with high efficiency. You will find the relevant information on the type plate of the appliance. The trading staff, the chimney sweep or the tiled stove manufacturer will advise you on the technical data.

Which appliance is right for me?

The answer depends on whether you wish to use your heater as an additional unit or as your main appliance. In additional systems, besides living comfort energy-cost saving is to the fore. Make sure that the appliance output is geared to your actual heat requirements. In case of doubt, please ask your chimney sweep for advice. If used as a main heating system, an exact heat-requirement calculation should be made by a specialist firm. If you wish to heat your system with lignite briquettes, please make sure that the heating system has a grate, which can also aid in burning wood.

Where can I buy a modern heating system and who will install it?

Solid-fuel heating systems are available from fireplace builders, fireplace studios, the specialist trade and DIY stores. There are heating systems for every taste and pocket. When buying a heating system, make sure that it bears the CE mark. The sign means that the heating system complies with the law. By the way: self-installation is among the more sophisticated “DIY jobs” and requires special skills. This being so, a specialist firm should install or mount the heating system. Otherwise, you might have problems operating it or having it approved.