Diversity Management

To make constructive use of differences and social variety: that is the goal of diversity management. Take a good look at a company, and you will come across the widest variety of people. They differ: not only in appearance, gender and age but in religion, sexual orientation and lifestyle.

At RWE work men and women of different age groups, differing viewpoints and beliefs, varied cultural backgrounds and different physical and intellectual skills and capacities. The markets in which RWE is engaged are multi-faceted, and so are the customers on those markets. So diversity leaves no area of business untouched.

Diversity is beneficial to the company. Research has demonstrated that companies may derive commercial advantages from intelligent management of diversity.

They are:

  • enhanced creativity and innovation
  • enhanced customer satisfaction
  • enhanced employee satisfaction, motivation and loyalty
  • and a more positive image.

Diversity management has existed at RWE for a number of years. By signing the "Diversity Charter," RWE has committed itself to diversity in the company. These pages will tell you more about the approach, goals and benefits of diversity management and the content of the "Diversity Charter."

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