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Artist of Daily Life

Joana Deltuvaite was the first participant in the »visit« programme sponsored by the RWE Foundation. In November 2009 and February 2010, the young Lithuanian photographer was a guest at different RWE sites. She developed her concept of the company by working with the title "private in public". She focussed on office rooms, workplaces, and especially the way in which employees adapt these standardised rooms to give them a personal touch. The result is comical, congenial, and as diversified as the RWE employees and their interests themselves. An unusual portrait of the company and a cheerful look into its microcosm.

Her photographs were shown in the lobby of RWE AG, Essen until January 2011 as well as within the scope of the group exhibition "Out of Office" in the Bochum Museum until February 2011.

Joana Deltuvaite with "Troll" while setting up in the Bochum Art Museum