Our Company

As an integral part of the RWE Group, RWE Power is one of the leading energy production and generation companies in Germany. The leading German electricity producer, RWE Power banks on a broad energy mix and to a large extent is able to draw on its own raw material base. This broad energy mix enables the Company to act flexibly and successfully and to sustainably manage the targets of climate protection, security of supply and profitability in an increasingly competitive setting. RWE Power pursues the aim of securing its competitive position in the German electricity market by retaining and renewing its generating capacity.

The market environment is characterized by ambitious CO2 reduction targets and the long-term expansion of renewables, which leads to an increase in fluctuating input. This results in an increase in electricity price volatility and in the demand for flexible power plants and power storage facilities in order to assure security of supply.
Therefore, enhancing flexibility in the power plant fleet and in our opencast mines is considered one of the most important challenges. Increasing electricity price volatility requires the development of market-oriented power plant dispatch and an increase in the flexibility parameters of the power stations.

In the case of existing plants, RWE Power ensures the best possible operation by increasing availabilities in a market-oriented manner and by optimizing cost management taking asset preservation and fuel costs into account. Process efficiency in maintenance and in cross-divisional functions as well as in occupational safety is continuously improved.
In the medium term, our focus is on further developing our power plant fleet, in particular by optimizing existing plants and by selectively constructing new ones. This includes an extension of the economic lives of existing plants with the aid of retrofit measures and efficiency increases and the selective renewal of power plants.

RWE Power is a driver of innovation for coal-fired electricity generation and CO2 avoidance. Since the capture and storage of CO2 is regarded as an important contribution to meeting global reduction commitments in future, RWE Power's innovation programme banks on the development of a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) demonstration plant. Owing to the high flexibility of the process as regards retrofits, RWE Power is focusing on Post Combustion Capture (PCC). To meet the increasing need for storage, RWE is working flat out to develop power storage technology such as ADELE – compressed-air energy storage (CAES).

RWE Power has about 15,371 employees, who generate an operating profit of some 2.7 billion euros (position: fiscal year 2011).