Biogas plants

RWE currently operates three biogas plants in Germany. Since May 2007, a biogas plant near Neuss has been supplying 1,600 residential households with electricity and an adjacent factory with heat. Local farmers deliver approximately 38 tonnes of renewable raw materials and liquid manure to the plant every day. We have also built a further improved plant at Güterglück in eastern Germany. Since 2009, the facility has been producing 15,000 cubic metres of biogas a day, which is processed to the same standard as natural gas and then fed into the local natural gas network. That amounts to a total gas production equivalent to 50,000 megawatt hours a year. Using this approach, biogas can be fed to decentralised cogeneration sites located some distance from the actual plant and then used locally with an efficiency rate of over 90 per cent. The knowledge we have gained from these facilities is for example being put to good use in our new biogas plant in Bergheim-Paffendorf, where we feed in up to 700 cubic metres of biogas into the public grid per hour.