Art at RWE

Art in the company is about more than just sponsorship and a decorative accessory. Artists and their approach to issues and problems is often expressed in their works through innovative solutions. Their art conveys new experiences and makes a valuable contribution to society. RWE sponsors art and artists in the region and beyond.

Space for art in the company

Art is a well-established part of the building at the Group Headquarters in Essen. Lothar Baumgarten developed a work on language for the foyer which incorporates neologisms from business, politics and culture. Richard Long positioned a stone sculpture between the lake and the boundary of the site. Norbert Thomas created a stainless steel sculpture which is located in the lake, and François Morrellet developed a design which gave every floor level an identity.

Over the years, RWE has gained a collection encompassing a large number of artworks – some of them come from collections of predecessor companies or subsidiaries. They enrich the foyer, the meeting levels and the conference rooms at the different sites.

Promoting art and seeking dialogue

Twice a year, the RWE Foundation invites young artists to engage with the topic of energy. The VISIT Programme organised by the RWE Foundation presents the artistic strength of this topic in multifaceted forms.

RWE is also a member of the Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy. This organisation was founded in 1951 to support artists. RWE is also involved in the Arts Sponsorship Group (AKS, Arbeitskreis Kultursponsoring), which is a unique nationwide network of companies that has integrated cultural sponsorship in its corporate culture or is planning to do this. Additionally, RWE is represented in the Association of Corporate Collecting (ACC) and makes use of this platform to communicate and consult with representatives of important corporate collections to organise and maintain its own collection.