Promoting and collecting art, encouraging dialogue

Art and business is not just about sponsorship or purely philanthropic roles. Artists are leaders; pioneers who often approach issues and problems with innovative solutions, communicating new insights and different perspectives. An engaging dialogue is initiated that could develop in any direction.

Art in architecture

Art is an integral part of the Essen headquarters. For the foyer, Lothar Baumgarten has designed a language-related project on economic, political and cultural neologisms. Richard Long has placed a stone sculpture between the lake and site boundaries, Norbert Thomas created a stainless steel sculpture for the park that is situated in the lake, while François Morellet devised a construction consisting of 1 metal bar on the 1st floor, 2 metal bars on the 2nd, and of 27 metal bars on the 27th floor, giving each floor of the building its own identity.

RWE Tower

Art works owned by RWE

Over the years, many works of art have come into RWE’s possession, partly by way of collections of its predecessor and subsidiary companies. At many of our locations, these works adorn foyers, meeting floors and conference rooms. A comprehensive method of organising the collection is still to be established, however during the capital of culture year 2010, RWE still contributed works by its artists-in-residence to the “Out of office: Art collecting companies” exhibition which took place in the Museum of Art in Bochum.

Further information about the exhibition "Out of Office"

Artist in Residence

Twice a year, the RWE Foundation invites young artists to elaborate on the subject of energy. One wouldn’t normally expect to meet artists in offices or power stations – however, the RWE Foundation and its “visit” programme launched in 2009 demonstrate that the issue and resulting works do have artistic and social relevance.

Member of the Sponsoring Culture Working Group

RWE AG is a member of the Sponsoring Culture Working Group (AKS), an initiative of the Cultural Section of the Confederation of German Industry. The AKS is a unique network of companies that have permanently integrated, or are planning to integrate, cultural sponsorship into their company culture. The AKS promotes the industry-wide exchange between companies committed to cultural sponsorship, the pooling of know-how, helping to professionalise cultural sponsorship through training courses and acting as point of contact for academics, journalists, politicians and the wider public interested in company cultural sponsorship issues. The member companies are committed to the AKS principles, including trust and transparency between the respective partners from cultural and business organisations as well as promoting the continued commitment and respect of freedom of art and autonomy of creative artists.