RWE Innogy operates run-of-river and storage power stations with a total capacity of around 550 MW. These draw their energy from rivers, have a high water flow and can therefore work very reliably around the clock. There are 45 plants in Germany alone, such as on the Moselle, the Ruhr and the Saar. They produce about 1.4 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. This corresponds to the annual electricity needs of about 400,000 households. In the UK, we operate 21 of such power plants. We also have hydropower plants in France, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland.

Further information about RWE Innogys hydro electric power stations


Expansion and modernisation

Our goal is to expand the utilization of hydropower, where it’s economically reasonable and ecologically possible. In addition to the small plants in Great Britain we develop new hydropower plants in South East Europe and Turkey, which have considerable unused possibilities. For the new construction of hydraulic power stations in Serbia we have founded a joint venture with the state energy supplier. Furthermore, significant growth opportunities for us lie in the modernisation of existing plants and the improvement of their efficiency. We are working continuously on this. Measures for increasing efficiency are a worthwhile investment particularly in the field of hydropower, as hydropower plants have a lifespan of about 100 years. For example, the hydropower plants on the Moselle, which have been operating since the 1960s, have been modernised. The efficiency of the plants has been improved significantly as a result.