Biomass – decentralised, climate friendly, efficient

Zoom RWE Innogy's European biomass activities are focused on the climate-friendly generation of "green" electricity and heat from solid biofuels – primarily wood – as well as biogas.

The characteristic feature of all forms of energy production from biomass is that it is largely carbon neutral. When the biomass fuel is combusted no more CO2 is released into the atmosphere than was absorbed by the plants during the growth process. Utilising biomass to generate energy therefore contributes to climate protection.

One of our technological core competencies in the field of biomass is the combined heat and power generation (CHP), or cogeneration. This efficient technology enables us to achieve high fuel efficiencies of up to 70 percent.

Our biomass plants in Europe

Biomass procurement - international and innovative

We leverage the opportunities offered by the international biomass markets when procuring biofuel. For instance, within the framework of our upstream activities, we operate currently the largest pellet plant in the world, located in the US Federal State of Georgia, with an annual production capacity of some 750,000 tonnes. In Germany we have assumed a leading role in the extraction of residual forestry wood and wood from landscape conservation.