50 years at Frimmersdorf power plant

50 years at Frimmersdorf power plant

<7/7/2005> 50 years ago, unit A of the Frimmersdorf power plant came on stream. Well over a dozen units have been added in the years after to reliably meet the increasing electricity requirements for the German economic miracle. Today, the Frimmersdorf site has more than 14 units which in aggregate produce more than 2,400 megawatts – an output capacity sufficient to supply well over 10 million people with electricity.

The machine shop 50 years agoThe machine shop 50 years ago Over many decades, the Frimmersdorf power plant has been the pacesetter for technological progress in electricity generation. Thus, for instance, the engineers took a step into uncharted territory when they built the worldwide first tower boiler for lignite or developed the first large-scale flue gas desulphurization (FGD) system for a lignite-fired power plant in the 80ies. What worked in theory had to be adapted to the specific characteristics of lignite and the limited space available at the Frimmersdorf site. To build the FGD system during ongoing power plant operation in itself was a completely new technical challenge.

The site has been included in the comprehensive planning for upgrading RWE's lignite-fired power plants. Today's units will be replaced one by one by modern plants. A first lignite-fired unit with optimized plant technology (BoA unit) has already come on-line at Niederaußem. This unit generates electricity from lignite with an efficiency of more than 43 percent.

Thus, the utilization of the lignite fuel through the BoA technology is around 30 percent higher than in old plants. On June 23 this year, RWE Power was granted approval for the construction and operation of another two BoA units at the Neurath site. "It is by consistently continuing our power plant modernization program that we guarantee efficient and environment-friendly electricity generation from lignite," says Dr. Johannes Lambertz, Executive Board member of RWE Power AG. "Moreover, many thousands of jobs are secured in the long term not only in our company, but also at suppliers and numerous service providers in the neighborhood. This strengthens the economic power of the entire region," Lambertz also points out.

Today's Frimmersdorf power plant is not the first at the site, by the way. The first plant with a capacity of 26 megawatts was erected there as early as 1926. Apart from a few ancillary facilities on the western outskirts of Frimmersdorf town, this old power plant has not left any traces.

The construction site of the power plan in 1954The construction site of the power plan in 1954 

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