50-year anniversary at Weisweiler

Ludwig Erhard (2nd from right), Minister of Economics, came to the inauguration in 1955. Zoom Ludwig Erhard (2nd from right), Minister of Economics, came to the inauguration in 1955. <4/15/2005> "Three chimneys and a cigar" – This was the headline of the report by the newspaper "Heimatblick" covering the inauguration of the unit C turbine at Weisweiler power plant by the Minister of Economics Ludwig Erhard in 1955. He insisted on personally commissioning the world's largest turbine at the time

50 years later, some 30 former employees met at the same place, precisely at turbine C in the Weisweiler turbine hall. Turbine C has been generating electricity for half a century. This translates into 391,902 hours or approx. 45 years of continuous operation. The 52,444,123 megawatt-hours produced would be sufficient for meeting the annual electricity demand of one third of all German households.




Ceremony in Weisweiler Zoom Ceremony in Weisweiler The former colleagues invited to the small ceremony by Dr. Wolfgang Oschmann, power plant manager, used the opportunity to revive old stories. "Do you remember when Karl pressed his ear against the machine and said to the operator: Turn off the turbine immediately, we have a damaged blade". The then manager of the power plant was furious when he heard that. The turbine was opened nonetheless and what did they find: blade damage. This is only one of the many stories about the turbine which was modernized on a regular basis in the course of time. Good maintenance and excellent material will make that turbine C will keep on running and running.