How can suppliers participate in eSourcing

There are two ways for you to participate in eSourcing:


1.Through invitation by Corporate Procurement of RWE:

In case you have been invited to an event by RWE, enter your user name and password and afterwards click on the "Register" button. After login, you have access to your personal trading desk. This will give you an overview of all events to which you have been invited by us.


2.Proactive application by the supplier:

You may also proactively submit your application with RWE for future tendering and auction events under the item "To create a new user account, please register with RWE". In this case, the future buying agent will contact you if you meet the requirements of RWE and acutal demand exists.

Supplier registration form

Should you have any questions about the RWE Systems eSourcing solution, please contact: