Welcome on the RWE Procurement website

Our suppliers play an important role in achieving a leading position in the energy market. This requires us to concentrate on the best and most high performing suppliers who support us in reaching this goal. Quality, reliability and profitability are priority factors here. Only if we optimise the entire value creation chain together will we achieve noticeable competitive advantages in the future. Our goal is to jointly create an optimum supply chain.

We already collaborate with a multitude of national und international suppliers. Our aim is to continue to develop our base of high performance suppliers and to select the best suppliers worldwide. We are thus in general interested in collaborating with new business partners.

In our relations with suppliers we place great value on adherence to the rules of the RWE Code of Conduct. We therefore do not maintain any business relations with suppliers that are publicly known to infringe the principles upon which the Global Compact is based. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to further implementing the Global Compact in our business relations.