WE npower is part of RWE AG. To find out more about RWE shares and bonds, and to download Annual Reports and other financial information about the Group, visit the RWE Investor Relations site. 

RWE Investor Relations

The energy market regulator, Ofgem, requires the six major energy companies to publish a Consolidated Segmental Statement (‘CSS’), summarising the revenues, costs and profits or losses of their generation and supply for each calendar year. The consolidated segmental statements of RWE npower for 2009 onwards can be viewed here:
Consolidated Segmental Statements (CSS)

We are open and transparent about how much tax we pay, and we’re committed to paying the right amount of tax in the UK, at the right time.  In 2013 we made a commitment to publish an annual tax commentary, explaining how we conduct our tax affairs, our strategy and governance process, and exactly how much tax we pay.
RWE npower tax report


Information for former shareholders of Innogy Holdings plc

RWE npower (previously RWE Innogy and Innogy Holdings) is now a division of RWE AG, a leading international multi-utility company. In 2002 RWE AG acquired the entire share capital of Innogy Holdings plc. At that time shareholders were invited to exchange their Innogy Holdings plc ordinary shares for 275p per share in cash.  If you are still in possession of any Innogy Holdings plc share certificates then these should be returned to Equiniti (address below), as they can no longer be traded on the stock exchange – they will then be exchanged for the 275p cash value.

For queries relating to your shareholding in Innogy Holdings plc ordinary shares, please contact Equiniti (formerly Lloyds TSB Registrars).

Aspect House
Spender Road
West Sussex BN99 6DA


For former holders of Innogy Holdings plc ADRs, please contact the Bank of New York.