Your land for wind power

Develop the future with RWE at your side: with a wind farm on your property

We check your wind potential!

With the Paris Climate Accords ambitious goal to preferably limit the increase in mean global temperatures to 1.5 °C, ongoing further expansion of renewables is essential. We are on board with it – how about you? Help shape the future by developing a wind farm on your land with RWE at your side.

You have the space; we have the know-how – so work with us to advance the energy transformation and reap the benefits!

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Your benefits with RWE

Do you have space to rent?

Now’s the time to act!

You have space available and would like to make it available for practical use? And you want to be able to keep track of the returns on your land? Then join us and focus on renewables.

Complete the form below and send your enquiry to our contacts. That will complete the first of five steps in the process of leasing out your site.

  1. Complete our contact for below. Be sure to complete all the necessary fields.
  2. RWE will check the site specifications
  3. RWE will perform a preliminary examination and check whether the site is suitable for a solar farm, based on various criteria (e.g. the wind potential, eligibility for subsidies and opportunities for electricity-feed-in, and also the distance from residential housing).
  4. If the site is suitable, RWE will contact the property owner with a provisional offer of lease.
  5. Once the lease agreement has been signed, RWE will begin the project development process.
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Leasing out your land in five steps

Feel free to contact us!

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