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Become a solar partner

RWE wants to work with you to achieve great things!

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We’ll check its solar potential

RWE is aiming to massively expand renewables in its markets by 2030. That also includes extensive projects for photovoltaic systems. Collectively, we can achieve a lot by working together with farmers, companies and private landowners. They have the suitable land, and we have many years of experience and expertise in project development, construction and operation.

Our experienced team will help you to make your land available at a profit for solar power, so you can benefit long-term from the energy transition.

We’ll check its solar potential - Become a solar partner | Benefits with RWE

Your benefits with RWE as your solar partner

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What kinds of sites are we looking for, in specific terms?

Areas between 10 and 30 hectares

  • Agricultural land in disadvantaged areas (depending on the federal state in question)

  • Strips of land 200 metres wide, alongside highways and railway lines

  • Areas being converted from former industrial, military or residential construction use, or former transport routes (e.g. disused industrial locations, decommissioned military sites or demolition areas)

  • Areas of water larger than 5 hectares (e.g. quarry ponds or lakes established in former mining areas)

  • Unimproved commercial or industrial areas or paved-over locations (e.g. parking areas)

  • Other facilities (e.g. landfills)

Areas larger than 30 ha

  • All land areas (e.g. agricultural areas, conversion areas or bodies of water) other than conservation areas, national parks, forestry areas, contaminated ground and areas prone to flooding

For our solar partners and those who wish to join us

Now’s the time to act!

You have space available and would like to make it available for practical use? And you want to be able to keep track of the returns on your land? Then join us and focus on renewables.

Complete the form below and send your enquiry to our contacts. That will complete the first of five steps in the process of leasing out your site.

  1. Complete our contact for below. Be sure to complete all the necessary fields.
  2. RWE will check the site specifications
  3. RWE will perform a preliminary examination and check whether the site is suitable for a solar farm, based on various criteria (e.g. sominant direct sunlight, eligibility for subsidies and opportunities for electricity-feed-in, and also the distance from residential housing).
  4. If the site is suitable, RWE will contact the property owner with a provisional offer of lease.
  5. Once the lease agreement has been signed, RWE will begin the project development process.
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Leasing out your land in five steps

Feel free to contact us!

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Further information on data protection can be found in our General data privacy policy.

* The term “country” contains states, provinces and territorites and is used without prejudice to the RWE AG position on the status of any given country or region.

More information on Solar energy

Live generation data

Generation data of our power plants can be tracked live with our web portal for the transparency offensive.

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Successful bid at Federal Network Agency’s innovation tender!

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RWE Renewables Europe & Australia GmbH

The Group subsidiary is already among the leading electricity producers.

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Our energy for onshore wind power.

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Hydrogen project development

RWE is a leader in project development on new H2 technologies.

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