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Floating Storage and Regasification Units

Floating LNG terminals for Germany

RWE Image RWE Image

Making the German energy supply more independent

On behalf of and in the name of the German government, RWE has chartered two floating storage and regasification units (FSRU). FSRUs are special ships that offer a solution for a quick transition to landing liquefied natural gas, which is abbreviated to LNG.

The floating units will take on an important role while the first LNG terminals on the German mainland are being completed. Both vessels belong to the company Höegh LNG – the operator of the world’s largest FSRU fleet. The two FSRU platforms are expected to be up and running by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

Making the German energy supply more independent | Floating LNG terminals for Germany RWE
Image source: Höegh LNG

Operation and sites

RWE is responsible for operating the floating systems and Höegh LNG is in charge of their technical operation. RWE first makes all commercial decisions concerning the deployment of the ships and optimises these in the interests of the German government. The Höegh ships are two of four floating terminals that the German government has commissioned RWE and Uniper to charter.

The unloading locations have already been determined. Wilhelms­haven has been chosen as the first location for one of the two FRSU vessels and will be complemented by the second location in Brunsbüttel, where the Elbehafen LNG project is now in full swing. 

Operation and sites | Floating LNG terminals for Germany
Image source: Höegh LNG
RWE Image RWE Image

An overview of floating LNG terminals (FSRU)

floating LNG terminals (FSRU) ship length | RWE
floating LNG terminals (FSRU) ship length | RWE
Ship length of
300 meters
floating LNG terminals (FSRU) Storage capacity | RWE
floating LNG terminals (FSRU) Storage capacity | RWE
Storage capacity of
170,000 m3
floating LNG terminals (FSRU) grid feed-in | RWE
floating LNG terminals (FSRU) grid feed-in | RWE

Grid feed-in of
10-14 billion m3

Image source: Höegh LNG

How a floating LNG terminal (FSRU) works

Liquefied natural gas can be imported using the floating terminals and fed directly into the German gas network. In one unloading procedure, each of the ships can take on up to 170,000 cubic metres of LNG, convert it to a gaseous state on board and then feed it into the gas network.

Thanks to the two 300-metre-long FSRUs, between 10 and 14 billion cubic metres of natural gas can be supplied to the German gas market every year. By way of comparison, the throughput of a permanently installed LNG terminal is between 8 and 10 billion cubic metres per year.

RWE Infographic - Floating LNG terminal- EN

Please click on the image to zoom

Elbehafen LNG project

Mooring for floating LNG terminal at Brunsbüttel site.

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RWE Image RWE Image

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