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Limondale solar plant by RWE
Limondale solar plant by RWE

RWE Renewables Australia

Limondale Solar Farm

RWE is developing a new solar photovoltaic plant at Limondale with a planned installed capacity of 349 MW (249 MW AC). This large-scale plant will be located in Australia at Balranald, New South Wales. The solar farm will be made up of approximately 872,000 panels and cover an area of 900 hectares which is equivalent in size to around 415 football fields. Full commercial operation is expected in the third quarter of 2021.

At a glance


14 kilometres south of Balranald, west of the intersection of Yanga Way with Balranald Road.

Area covered

900 hectares

Number of modules

approx. 872,000 panels

Installed capacity

349 MW DC (249 MW AC)

Full commercial operation

in the third quarter of 2021


Construction Update 2020

Video: 3 Facts


Limondale Solar Plant | RWE


Limondale Solar Plant | RWE


Limondale Solar Plant | RWE


Limondale Solar Plant | RWE


Limondale Solar Plant | RWE


Limondale Solar Plant | RWE


Limondale Solar Plant | RWE


Limondale Solar Plant | RWE


Limondale Solar Plant | RWE


Limondale Solar Plant | RWE

Latest news

  • 2021

    November 2021

    • RWE officially launches Limondale Solar Farm Community Benefit Fund. The fund will provide $40,000 per year to good causes within the Balranald Shire. Read more
    • HP3 testing due to commence and expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

    September 2021

    • 100 out of 100 inverters generating (220MW).
    • Limondale Solar Farm achieved its maximum output and all inverters are connected and generating energy.

    July 2021

    • 66 out of 100 inverters generating (145MW).
    • 1 small test remaining for HP2 testing. Report and results being compiled by consultant 
    • New metering compliance system is now operational.

    April 2021

    • Tracker commissioning at Limondale 1 has been completed and all trackers are capable to track to the full range of 55 degrees. 
    • Limondale 1 continues through its grid connection tests and is released to export up to 115MW (50% of its capacity)

    29 January 2021: Tracker commissioning continues

    • 75% of the 57 blocks are now tracking to the full tracking range of 55 degrees
    • Limondale 1 continues its grid connection tests

Benefits of the project

It is anticipated that the project will provide a number of benefits to the local and wider community including:

  • creating employment opportunities, including a peak workforce of between 300-400 contractors during construction and up to seven full-time positions during operations;
  • generate enough electricity to power up to 105,000 homes each year;
  • assisting New South Wales to meet the renewable energy targets established under the NSW Government’s Renewable Energy Action Plan;
  • contribute to the Commonwealth Government’s target of 33,000 gigawatt hours (GWh) of renewable energy generated by 2020; and
  • play a role in increasing energy security by contributing to a more diverse energy mix.

RWE will continue to work closely with the local community as the Limondale solar farm transitions into construction and operations. RWE values and understands the importance the local community plays in bringing to life largescale infrastructure projects.

RWE Image RWE Image

Power Purchase Agreements – the energy supply of the future

RWE is a global renewable energy player with a well diversified 3.5 GW renewables portfolio and 8.5 GW pipeline of renewable energy projects on its books.

Like you, we have recognised the need to make changes to our business and deliver products and services that fit the changing nature of how companies view their:

  • energy consumption / efficiency
  • energy spend
  • energy / sustainability reporting to your stakeholders

RWE is now active in the Australian market through its inaugural renewable energy project, Limondale, a two stage 349 MW (249 MW AC) large scale solar operation near Balranald in the south west of New South Wales. All relevant approval processes have been completed and construction is well advanced with our smaller 41 MW (29 MW AC) stage having been completed, with our larger 308 MW (220 MW AC) stage scheduled to be fully commissioned in the third quarter of 2021.

Our commercial team is actively seeking contracting opportunities for the output of the plant with various end users. We also realise that each customer’s requirements are different so we are ready to discuss your specific requirements.

Further information you can find here.

Career opportunities

RWE, as well as RWE Renewables Australia is colorful, flexible, full of energy and is always looking for creative ideas. If you are interested in joining the team in any of our offices please click on the buttons below.
RWE Image RWE Image
RWE Image RWE Image

Limondale Solar Plant

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