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Are you looking for a programme which will fully develop you? On our Mining Graduate Programme we can certainly offer you highly complex technical projects, exciting tasks in energy science and good opportunities for splendid development.

The structure of our graduate programme is flexible and, depending on your focus and interests, you can select and suggest the path you take through the rotations you do. By way of example, your path could be as follows:

1. After passing a telephone interview and successfully attending an assessment centre, we will welcome you as a new colleague. On your first few days, in addition to introductory talks with your superior and mentor, you will get to know other colleagues and trainees.

2. Your first rotation will give you the opportunity to get acclimatized with RWE. But you will also carry out initial tasks on your own and get the opportunity to bring your skills to the scope of a project.

3. You will gain a detailed insight into a specific area at one of your next rotations which may involve shift work.

4. To enable you to develop an understanding of other divisions as well and expand your network, we offer you a job assignment at a different location as part of another rotation. Depending on the tasks and project work involved, this assignment will last about 2-3 months. At another rotation, you can familiarize yourself with an internal issue and will assume responsibility for a specific task.

Throughout the  process, you will be advised by your superior and your mentor. A complementary programme supports you in your interdisciplinary development. At the end of the programme awaits your target position, for which you will have prepared over the course of the programme by agreement with your superior.

Key Facts



18 - 24 months


Successful completion of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, in the fields of electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, mining / raw-materials engineering, process engineering, power engineering, industrial engineering or natural sciences.– A passion for the energy industry.

  • Passion for the energy industry
  • Ability to take initiative, conscientiousness and commitment
  • A proactive attitude combined with the ability to work independently
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Great team spirit

Number of rotations

four to five

Start of programme



RWE Power AG


Cologne, Essen

Application procedure

1. Online application

2. Telephone interview

3. Assessment centre


International development  and support 

In addition to the expertise gained on the job, we also offer a supporting development programme. You will meet trainees from other companies within the RWE Group, from both Germany and abroad, and have the opportunity to share experiences, work together on interdisciplinary topics or initiate a joint project along with the group of trainees.

 The programme comprises of various modules which will be supervised by our colleagues in personnel development. As a trainee, you can also make suggestions for other modules depending on your interests and current requirements, taking the initiative to get these off the ground. 

The programme includes face-to-face training, online modules and networking events, as well as mentoring.  

The modules of topic day/networks and training take place on a face-to-face basis, and you will work with fellow trainees on a range of development topics. These will be agreed on in advance with your supervisors and the personnel development team. 

The topics will be based on current requirements. This will allow you to gain an overview of the findings of a brief project report by a fellow trainee or interdisciplinary knowledge on specific issues such as “What questions can I apply in a conversation to acquire more information?”.  

The accompanying mentoring programme is tailored to the trainee; we will assign you an experienced manager when you join the programme and they will help you with any questions as well as work with you towards achieving your personal development goals. 


What we offer

  • A wide network of support
  • Excellent development and growth opportunities
  • Various networking and employee events
  • Sports and social clubs
  • Free parking
  • Attractive pensions scheme

  • A wide network of support

  • Excellent development and growth opportunities

  • Various networking and employee events

  • Sports and social clubs

  • Free parking

  • Attractive pensions scheme

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