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Andasol 3 solar-thermal power plant | RWE
Andasol 3 solar-thermal power plant | RWE

Andasol 3 solar-thermal power plant


Around 10 km south east of Guadix in the province of Granada

Solar field

Area of solar field

497,040 m2

Number of mirrors


Dimensions of the parabolic mirror segments used

Length: around 12 m, width: around 6 m

Number of receivers (absorber pipes)

21,888 pipes, each 4 long

Storage capacity of heat storage unit

28,500 t salt over 7 hours at full load

Power plant capacity

Turbine capacity

around 50 MW

Annual operating hours

3,700 hours at full load

The Andasol 3 solar-thermal power plant is located in the province of Granada in southern Spain. The power plant has an installed capacity of around 50 megawatts. 205,000 parabolic reflectors gather sunlight at the Andasol 3 facility. Each parabolic reflector segment measures 12 times 6 square metres. The thermal energy is transferred to a water/steam cycle via heat exchangers. Like in conventional power plant, this steam drives a turbine. The generator connected to this produces power. A thermal storage facility then allows the energy to be made available when it’s needed. This storage unit holds 28,500 tonnes of a special salt mixture. It has sufficient capacity for over seven hours operation at full load. Andasol 3 can thus provide a reliable supply of energy even after the sun has set.

The Andasol 3 solar-thermal power plant is operated by the project company Marquesado Solar S.L. RWE holds 12.8 percent of these project company.

Andasol 3 solar-thermal power plant | RWE
Andasol 3 solar-thermal power plant | RWE
Andasol 3 solar-thermal power plant | RWE
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