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It’s all about wind power – clean electricity for millions of households worldwide

Wind as an energy source

It’s all about wind power – clean electricity for millions of households worldwide

Wind is probably the most powerful natural force in the world - and therefore also a powerful source of climate-friendly energy. The principle: gusts of wind set the three rotor blades in motion, which in turn drive a generator whose electricity is fed directly into the grid. Today's wind turbines often reach over 100 meters into the sky, and depending on the diameter of the rotors, total heights of 200 meters can occur.

Over the past two decades, wind power has developed into the most cost-effective renewable energy source. In addition to the number of wind turbines, the performance of the individual turbines has increased massively. Whereas in the 1990s turbines with an output of 600 KW were standard, today's top turbines are 7.5 MW. Most of the wind energy produced today still comes from onshore wind farms, but more and more powerful offshore wind farms are being connected to the grid. They have a higher acceptance among the population and a better wind yield, because on the open sea the winds blow stronger and more evenly. 

Wind – Engine of the future.

As a new subsidiary, RWE Renewables has first-class resources, experience and expertise that cover the entire wind energy value chain, from development and construction to operation. Especially in Texas RWE operates wind farms which are among the largest in the United States. In addition, there are offshore wind farms with enormous generation capacity in European waters, such as the Arkona wind farm off the island of Rügen, which has been supplying up to 400,000 households with renewable energy since 2019.

Wind energy is already making an important contribution to electricity generation from renewable energies in many countries. Tendency rising. We are therefore proud to be one of the world's largest owners and operators of onshore and offshore wind farms. And we want to continue to grow in this dynamic market – alone and together with partners.


Together with our partners we are making the transformation of the energy sector happen

Opportunities for municipal participation – from the region for the region: if you as a local authority want to realise an onshore wind farm project together with an experienced partner, RWE is the right choice for you! We offer different participation models and are open to new concepts. We are also happy to involve your citizens. We will support you with the expertise we have gained over many years, with our personnel and logistical infrastructure and with our experience in liaising with important stakeholders. We want to create value in and for the regions.

Live generation data

Generation data of our power plants can be tracked live with our web portal for the transparency offensive.

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Finding the best locations is the first step on the road to success.

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Nuclear power being phased out of the energy mix.

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