RWE Group - 2017 key figures at a glance


1Changed term; see explanation on page 56.
2Dividend proposal for RWE AG’s 2017 fiscal year, subject to the passing of a resolution by the 26 April 2018 Annual General Meeting.
3Converted to full-time positions.
in %
Power generationbillion kWh202.2216,1-6.4
External electricity sales volumebillion kWh261.1264,6-1.3
External gas sales volumebillion kWh254.1265,1-4.1
External revenue€ million44,58545.833-2.7
Adjusted EBITDA€ million5,7565.4036.5
Adjusted EBIT€ million3,6463.08218.3
Income before taxes€ million3,056-5.807152.6
Net income€ million1,900-5.710133.3
Adjusted net income€ million1,23277758.6
Cash flows from operating activities€ million-1,7542.352-174.6
Capital expenditure€ million2,6292.38210.4
Property, plant and equipment and intangible assets€ million2,2602.02711.5
Financial assets€ million3693553.9
Free cash flow1€ million-3,849325-575.8
Number of shares outstanding (annual average)thousands614,745614.745
Earnings per share3.09-9,29133.3
Adjusted net income per share2.001,2658.7
Dividend per common share1.502
Dividend per preferred share1.5020,13³
  31 Dec 201731 Dec 2016
Net debt€ million20,22722.709-10.9
Workforce3 59,54758.6521.5