You can’t vent your energy in a lecture hall. Here’s your valve.

Sooner or later, that itchy feeling comes every term: You fidget back and forth in your chair, don't want to just listen all the time – you want to get on with things. Know the feeling? Great. You are predestined for an internship at RWE.

Internships at RWE

Work experience at RWE is one entry into your working life. It’s a place where you can get to know your own strengths and weaknesses without things getting really serious. You're involved in the day-by-day business from the outset, you’ll complete varied and exciting project assignments, and can prove how well you can cope with various demands and challenges.

RWE offers students manifold opportunities to acquire practical experience.

That might mean working during school vacations or – if your course requires it – an entire year of practice within RWE. You may even stay loyal to us for longer and get one of those sought-after degree-related jobs as a working student.
Your energy level, rather than the time you spend with us, is what's decisive. If we’re satisfied with your abilities, your internship could quickly become a career springboard. We're happy to make talented future managers an interesting offer when they graduate.

Applying for an internship

The best thing to do is to decide on one of our companies in advance. Choose the company that best represents your interests and needs. Apply there directly for an internship and they will help you further.