Essen, 25 September 2013, RWE Innogy GmbHThis pressinformation is more than two years old

RWE Innogy inaugurates Nowy Staw wind farm

  • Green electricity for 50,000 Polish households
  • 60 million euros invested
  • Now a total of 200 megawatts onshore-capacity in Poland

Today is the official RWE Innogy inauguration of its Polish based onshore wind farm Nowy Staw. In just 14 months 22 wind turbines from manufacturer REpower Systems SE with a nominal power of 2.05 megawatts (MW) each were built over an area of 15 square kilometres close to the city of Gdansk. The sixth Polish wind farm of RWE Innogy was connected to the grid on schedule with an installed capacity of 45 MW. The wind farm was named after the Polish town of Nowy Staw. It will supply more than 50,000 Polish households per year with green energy. The amount invested totalled more than 60 million euros.

Ribbon cutting in Nowy Staw
Ribbon cutting in Nowy Staw

Paul Coffey, Chief Operating Officer of RWE Innogy, explains: “Wind power in Poland is a success story. Nowy Staw was rapidly realised like all of our wind projects in Poland. Our success here is thanks to the excellent cooperation with local partners and authorities as well as the support from our affiliated company RWE Polska.”

Construction of Nowy Staw was executed in two phases. During the first phase, 19 wind turbines with a capacity of 39 MW were built and connected to the grid in April 2013. In the second phase three additional turbines with a capacity of six MW were erected and commissioned in August 2013. A further expansion of the wind farm is currently planned.

Poland is one of RWE Innogy’s core markets as it offers plenty of excellent wind farm locations. “RWE Innogy has an installed onshore-capacity of about 1,800 MW, of which approximately 200 MW existing in Poland. We intend to continue this success story and await the new law for the expansion of renewables in Poland. Secure framework conditions are vital to further investment”, Coffey adds.

Including Nowy Staw, RWE Innogy now operates six onshore wind farms in Poland. The sites are spread over three regions: Nowy Staw is close to the city of Gdansk. Krzecin and Tychowo are located in Western Pomerania. The wind farms Suwalki, Piecki and Taciewo are adjacent to one another in Podlachia in the northeast of Poland.

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: This pressinformation is more than two years old