Sustainable Governance

Sustainability is at the core of our business model. We need the acceptance of the community in order to be successful over the long term – starting with government, continuing with associations and employees, through to nature conservation organisations.

We have defined ten areas for action in dialogue with these stakeholder groups and they are central for sustainability as far as RWE is concerned. RWE pursues specific, quantifiable targets in each area for action. And some aspects of compensation for the Executive Board are linked to achievement of these targets and the level of performance.

The annual reassessment of the CR areas for action is a fixed element of our CR management. This reappraisal process involves continually following the debates in the public domain, and it reviews the positions of our stakeholders on all sustainability issues. The evaluation assesses whether this has changed the relevance of the areas for action from the perspective of the stakeholders and the standpoint of the company. If this is the case, the assessment evaluates the impact of any changes. The process is carried out with intensive communication between colleagues from the relevant specialist departments and the companies in the various countries where we operate.

Our Mission

RWE aspires to play a proactive role in structuring the energy transition. Every day, RWE works on providing the energy supply of the future – with trust, dedication and passion.

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Strategy and Management

Our goal is to harmonise our actions as a company with our stakeholders‘ expectations. This is the only way of ensuring our corporate success over the long term.

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Lawful and ethically unimpeachable conduct is the essential platform for long-term business success. Our accession to the United Nations‘ Global Compact underscores our commitment to high ethical standards.

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Acceptance Study

The RWE Acceptance Study highlights opportunities and limits to citizen participation in Germany.

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Our cooperation with other companies under the auspices of NGO or industry-wide initiatives demonstrates our level of commitment to honouring our responsibilities.

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Transparency Offensive

RWE makes available all market-relevant information in accordance with the European transparency regulations and this provides an overview of the output of the portfolio of RWE power plants at any time.

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