Mission & Vision

RWE's mission statement sets a clear focus for its activities in Turkey. It declares the company’s purpose of business in terms of benefits for customers and the Turkish market.

RWE’s Mission in Turkey:

RWE – the leading provider of innovative energy solutions that creates sustainable value for the region of the Turkish market.

That means RWE in Turkey...

  • understands energy markets.
  • is engaged across the whole energy value chain.
  • shares expertise for the benefit of the development of the Turkish economy.
  • has a focus on customers and creates value.
  • is a trustful, innovative and environmental friendly partner.


The vision statement describes the future target position which RWE wants to achieve in Turkey. It consists of the long-term targets and the quality standards RWE wants to implement in Turkey.

RWE’s Vision in Turkey:

RWE will be the center of excellence in the region of the Turkish energy market and create sustainable value with competent and committed employees by operating a flexible and innovative business model along the value chain.

That means that RWE in Turkey...

  • will adapt to the Turkish market.
  • will transfer the best RWE expertise and practice to its Turkish team.
  • aims to achieve organic growth and profit in the Turkish and neighboring energy markets.
  • will be the “the place to be” for market participants and a reliable and respected partner for the community.
  • will be an attractive employer with high leadership activity and a high level of individual competence within its staff.
  • aims to benefit from a flexible business model to exploit business cycles.