RWE Supply & Trading is responsible for procuring the fossil energy commodities needed to produce power and heat, and therefore acts mainly as a service provider for RWE affiliate companies in this regard. In turn, this enables the affiliates to concentrate fully on their core competencies, such as developing oil and gas reserves, power generation or energy sales.

We are the hub for the RWE Group when it comes to evaluating and optimising fuel purchases, power station deployments and the use of gas storage and transport rights, though generally without owning plants ourselves. All commodities needed for power production and the heating market, principally gas, coal and oil, can be procured through our offices.

Increasing liquidity and convergence expand the opportunities for procurement in Europe’s wholesale energy commodity markets. We make consistent use of the opportunities that the procurement and optimisation of long-term contracts provide. Mastering the complex tasks of optimisation also includes the associated challenges relating to logistics and transport.