RWE hydropower plants

The use of hydropower to generate electricity is the most significant renewable energy source worldwide. In 2012, Germany's Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety put the share of hydropower in the world's total power generation at approx. 16%. Hence, more electricity is already being generated from hydropower today than from nuclear energy!

Run-of-river hydroelectric stations and storage power plants are available 24/7 and generate unvarying renewable electricity or adapt their production to demand. In Germany, hydropower plants were a reliable generator of electricity for an average of 6 million homes in 2010:20.96 TWh in all, equivalent to 20% of renewable generation. Approx. 1.8 TWh was accounted for by power plants and quantities bought in by RWE, which helped avoid about 1.4 million tons of CO2.

The pumped-storage power plants in the portfolio of RWE Power AG which, with the most varied of services to stabilize the grid, have long been a dependable module in the energy-supply system, are increasingly gaining in importance owing to the expansion of renewable-generation capacities.

RWE with its hydropower plants is thus making an important contribution to the electricity supply and is steadily expanding it both by modernizing existing systems and by launching new-build projects.

Kaplan turbine, Moselle