RWE Supply & Trading is the interface between the RWE Group's operating companies and global wholesale markets for energy and energy-related raw materials. We engage in trading on these markets, but also optimise the assets of the RWE Group as a whole by our trading activities.

All of the company’s activities are embedded in and based on a comprehensive risk management. We can thus identify primary and secondary energy price risks and recognise credit risks arising from transactions on the wholesale energy markets. We hedge against primary and secondary energy price risks for the RWE Group as a whole and also offer this service to external customers.

We extract and interpret price signals from the wholesale markets and make them available to the Group as a basis for its utilization and assessment decisions in respect of its own plants and power generation rights. The appropriate analyses are also prepared in respect of decisions regarding gas procurement, transport and storage.

RWE Supply & Trading adopts a holistic approach to markets and commodities, which are converging and correlating with each other to an ever-increasing degree. This business model makes us one of the top long-term asset-backed energy trading entities in Europe.