Share buyback October-November 2012

RWE AG acquired 512,290 ordinary shares of RWE AG (ISIN DE0007037129) with a value of some €18.0 million in the time period from October 29, 2012 to November 5, 2012. The shares bought back were used for the issuance of employee shares in connection with the Company’s share option programme for its employees (Belegschaftsaktienausgabe) for the year 2012.

The shares were repurchased on stock exchanges at the most favourable terms for RWE AG. The mandated bank was not allowed to determine a purchase price which exceeded the price of the last independent trade at the respective stock exchange or the highest current independent bid. The higher of both values was decisive. The bank was not allowed to acquire more than 25 % of the average daily volume of shares in one day on the stock exchange on which the purchase was carried out. The average volume of shares is based on the average daily volume of shares traded in the twenty trading days preceding the date of purchase.

10/25/2012: Release according to Art. 4 Para. 2 of the Directive (EC) No. 2273/2003: RWE AG decides to conduct share buyback

The share buyback was finalised on November 5, 2012.

Overview share buyback programme October - November 2012

*) average purchase price
DateOrdinary sharesPreference sharesPurchased volume (in €)
Number of sharesPrice
(in €)1)
Number of sharesPrice (in €)1)