RWE Generation

Our pan-European energy company, RWE Generation, has one of the largest power portfolios in the world, with over 40 GW of generating capacity. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RWE AG.
RWE Generation brings together the international expertise and experience of RWE Generation NL, RWE Generation UK and RWE Power to form one company which provides you with power 24/7.

We have pooled all our technology and capability into one company to enable us to provide affordable, safe power to millions of homes across Europe every day. Our combined expertise allows us to think ahead and create secure options for the future of energy in Europe and beyond.

Our broad energy mix includes biomass, hard coal, lignite, nuclear power and gas. This provides us with a diverse portfolio of generating technology, enabling us to provide a secure and flexible energy supply in an increasingly competitive market.

More robust. More sustainable. More international.