Bayer Dormagen CCGT plant

Under the terms of the steam- and electricity-supply contract for Bayer's Dormagen chemical site of March 1998, RWE Generation SE assumed the duty to erect a modern combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant on the company's premises and to take over a neighbouring gas-fired cogeneration plant. Here, the CCGT replaces the existing lignite- and gas-fired power plants at the Dormagen location which were shut down after the new systems were commissioned.

Steam supplied in line with operational requirements

With process-steam extraction that totals 490 t/h of steam on the 31, 16 and six-bar pressure levels, the CCGT plant has an electric output of 480 MW, the steam being supplied to Bayer's grids in line with operational requirements. The electricity generated is fed into RWE’s local 110-kV grid.

Max output: 560 MW

Each of the two gas turbines has an output of 190 MW, while the downstream steam turbine, too, has a max output of 190 MW. Taking account of the plant-related minimum steam extraction (100 t/h) and after deduction of the CCGT's own requirements, its max electric output amounts to 560 MW.

20 months' construction time

After only 20 months' construction time, steam supply at the Dormagen works from the new CCGT plant started on an assured basis as per 1 July 2000. The gas-fired power plant, too, taken over from Bayer AG was re-commissioned 16 days later after modernization. It serves above all to underpin the location's steam supply.