Moerdijk Power Plant

The Moerdijk Power Plant consists of two production units, combined heat and power plant (CHP) Moerdijk I and combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) Moerdijk II. CCGT is used to describe a steam and gas turbine unit. This is an ultramodern unit, with a capacity of 426 megawatts and an efficiency of 58 percent. In January 2014, the CCGT power plant Moerdijk II was mothballed, but in October 2015 and during the winter of 2014/2015, Moerdijk II went back into operation temporarily. Therefore, the facility is currently once again available to the electricity market.

CHPS Moerdijk I was put into operation in 1997. This unit generates electricity and heat through the combustion of natural gas and also uses steam from the nearby waste-incineration plant for that production process. The combined production of electricity and heat (in the form of steam) enables more energy to be generated. CHPS Moerdijk I has an electricity generating capacity of 339 megawatts and produces a maximum of 200 tonnes of steam per hour, of which 150 tonnes per hour is supplied to the Shell Chemie plant nearby.

Further information

The installation

Moerdijk II is a so-called CCGT (STEG) unit. That stands for a steam and gas turbine. The production process for generating electricity starts with the combustion of natural gas in the gas turbine. The combustion gases expand in the turbine which then drives a generator in which electricity is produced.

The efficiency

Moerdijk II has been built using the latest technologies and knowledge and as a result, it also has a level of efficiency of 58 percent. This is much higher than the average efficiency of 36 percent achieved by power plants in the Netherlands. A higher level of efficiency also means that less fuel is required in order to generate the same amount of energy.

In brief

  • A combined generating capacity of over 700 megawatts
  • Moerdijk I is a combined heating and power station
  • Moerdijk I re-uses steam from the nearby waste-incineration plant
  • Moerdijk I supplies 150 tonnes of steam per hour to the neighbouring Shell Chemie Moerdijk plant
  • Moerdijk II is a steam and gas turbine (STEG or Combined Cycle Gas Turbine) power plant
  • Moerdijk II has been built using the latest technologies and knowledge
  • Moerdijk II has an efficiency of 58 percent


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