Inesco Power Station

RWE also invests extensively in Belgium in the areas of environmentally friendly power generation and innovative projects. The Inesco power stations at the Ineos site in Zwijndrecht (close to Antwerp in Belgium) makes a major contribution towards achieving the Kyoto targets, in the form of reduced CO2 emissions.

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Using this combined heat and power station saves 60,000 tonnes of CO2 a year, the equivalent of driving 150 million kilometres in the car. In terms of generation, the power plant has a high level of flexibility, which enables it to provide an optimal response to the specific demands of the Belgian market.
The transformer substation (150,000 volts) ensures that the generated electricity is fed into the high-voltage grid and is also supplied to Ineos to meet its requirements. Through the combination of natural gas, RWE Generation's two gas turbines supply electricity and also direct hot flue gas to the waste heat boiler. Steam is generated in this waste heat boiler using the hot flue gas.

A CHP installation involves generating electricity and steam simultaneously by burning natural gas. At the Ineos site, RWE Generation runs two combined electricity/heat production units side-by-side, with a large steam turbine downstream. Another special feature of the Inesco combined heat and power station is the unusual shape of the cooling tower, which is smaller than usual, square and made entirely of wood.


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