Didcot B

Didcot B is an efficient, gas-fired power station, which has been in commercial operational since 1997. The station is powered by natural gas and uses combined cycle gas turbines – (CCGT) to produce electricity.

Didcot B can produce 1,360MW, enough power to meet the needs of one million households.

CCGT power stations are more efficient than conventional power stations as they make double the use of the heat produced by burning natural gas: firstly in gas turbines and then secondly because the waste heat from the gas turbines is used to raise steam to drive the steam turbine generators.

Strict operational controls ensure that our emissions are within regulatory limits set to minimise our environmental impact. In recent years we invested £60 million in a project to replace two of our gas turbines with the latest technology. This has increased the station’s efficiency to over 55%, one of the highest in the UK. This resulted in the station emitting less CO2 per unit of electricity we produce.

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