Renaturation and environmental protection

Besides optimization of extraction, other central tasks for Research and Development include the renaturation of the opencast-mining areas and environmental protection. In current operations, RWE is backing environmentally-sparing forms of lignite mining. One subject for our scientists and engineers is the development of  new technologies to contain dust and noise nuisance more effectively. In coal upgrading, RWE's focus is on the production of low-polluting fuels. 

Far-sighted planning 

In the renaturation of post-mining landscapes, RWE's aim is the holistic development of habitats. For this purpose, far-sighted planning and design that consider all concerns ranging from nature conservation all the way to recreation are indispensable. The reinstatement of an intact natural balance is achieved by RWE using various  projects, like the relocation of the Inde river bed, groundwater enrichment in wetlands and updated studies of the biodiversity of flora and fauna. 

New potentials 

The focus is increasingly on the cultivation of renewable raw materials on recultivated and agricultural land. The aims of our Research and Development work are the selection of crops that are suitable for the generation of renewables and investigations into their optimal cultivation. In a joint effort with RWE's experts for renewables, we are set to optimize power generation from cultivated crops in a biomass-fired power plant.

Ecological projects

Whether dragonflies, frogs or hares – just how much biodiversity the natural landscape can boast after an opencast mine is gone has been impressively documented by the recultivation research centre in numerous studies.

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