Coal upgrading

Well-tried and re-discovered. The first product made from Rhenish lignite was not electricity, but the "Klütte". The word is derived from the Lower German term "kluit", meaning lumps. They were shaped manually, cylindrical shapes of stamped-down, air-dried lignite that often fell apart in transit already and were poor, smoke-producing heaters – a poor man's fuel of merely local significance. 

New sales markets 

Pressed lignite briquettes have been proving their worth as a domestic fuel for many decades now. But lignite can do more: lignite coke, for example, is used as a binder for pollutants in wastewater treatment or for oil. Also, work is being carried out on soil improvers on the basis of lignite. In upgrading operations, innovative products are developed to tap new sales markets. So-called Ireland briquettes, consisting of 70% lignite and 30% hard coal, with a sulphur content that is suitable for the Irish market and the regulations applicable there, for example, are opening up a new profitable outlet for upgraded products from the Rhenish mining area.

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