Niederaussem power plant site – The Coal Innovation Centre

The region does the research, the world reaps the benefit – this statement comes alive for RWE in the "Coal Innovation Centre" at Niederaussem/Germany. We intend to use technical innovations to make the energy source 'coal' future-capable. The aim is to perceptibly lower CO2 emissions in power generation. That is why we are bundling our future-geared activities at the Niederaussem power-plant location and will be investing in research and development for CO2 reduction and conversion technologies. Besides specific projects that go straight from the lab to the workbench as it were, the "Coal Innovation Centre" is designed to give international experts a platform for swapping ideas.

How does CO2 scrubbing work? What is Power-to-Gas? How can carbon dioxide become a valuable raw material? RWE Power deals with questions like these at the Coal Innovation Centre at the Niederaussem power plant location near Bergheim/Germany. Here, the company pushes six research and development projects which deal with the future of coal. In order to bring these topics to the public in an understandable, transparent and exiting way, RWE Power set up an information centre.

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