The Coal Innovation Centre

The region does the research, the world reaps the benefit – this statement comes alive for RWE in the "Coal Innovation Centre" at Niederaussem/Germany. We intend to use technical innovations to future-proof the energy source 'coal' with the he aim to lower CO2 emissions in power generation. That is why we are bundling our activities at the Niederaussem power plant site, we have already invested more than 100 million euros in the past few years in research and development. Our specific projects go straight from the lab to the workbench. In addition, the "Coal Innovation Centre" gives international experts a platform to exchange knowledge and ideas on leading power plant technology.

How does CO2 scrubbing work? How can carbon dioxide become a valuable raw material? RWE Power deals with questions like these at the Coal Innovation Centre at the Niederaussem power plant near Bergheim, Germany. Here, the company has worked on seven large research and development projects which deal with the future of coal. In bring these topics to the public in an understandable, transparent and exciting way, RWE Power has set up the new information centre.

Fluidized-bed drying with internal waste heat utilization (WTA)

In a prototype plant, we have brought our in-house development of the fluidised-bed drying of lignite with internal waste heat utilisation (WTA) up to industrial-scale maturity. The aim was to increase the efficiency of lignite-based power generation by an additional ten percent to more than 47%.

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The high-performance scrubber REAplus

The "High-performance scrubber REAplus" research project opens up innovative opportunities for increasing efficiency in reducing emissions.

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CO2 scrubbing

The pilot CO2 scrubber tests capturing carbon dioxide from the flue gas, using world-leading CO2 separation technology.

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Biotechnological utilization of CO2

We worked on research with BRAIN AG on converting carbon dioxide with microorganisms into biomass or straight into valuable materials.

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Chemical conversion of CO2

Together with partners, our "Dream Production" project investigated sustainable recycling of CO2 into high-quality plastics.

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Conversion of CO2 into synthesis gas

The aim of the CO2RRECT research project is to convert CO2 from power-plant flue gases with hydrogen into synthesis gas, a versatile raw material used by industry.

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