Climate Protection – local, global, sustainable

Based on our technical competence, we have developed a leading position both in the compliance as well as the voluntary carbon market. Since 1999 the Climate Protection department of RWE Power AG has been actively involved in international climate protection projects based on flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol. During this period, we have supported more than 100 climate protection projects globally – as an investor and developer of projects, and also as a carbon credit buyer from projects developed by innovative local companies.

We are using these international carbon credits partly for our compliance purposes in the European Emission Trading System and also help third parties to access them.

A new comprehensive climate agreement agreed by 195 countries in Paris (“Paris Agreement”) entered into force in November 2016, including commitments from all participating states with a renewed focus on international action against climate change (Climate Action). The ambitious stipulations under the global Paris Agreement have given a new drive to international Climate Action.

The Paris Agreement through its modelling of NDCs has initiated the global energy transition where both the developed and developing countries will introduce or have introduced new regulations especially focusing on the energy sector.

RWE is committed to share its experience in low carbon technology solutions and carbon management know-how as a valuable and trusted partner for the global energy transition.

RWE offers a vast technological expertise on the most important emission reduction technologies. Especially in the areas of N2O (nitrous oxide) and methane avoidance we have concentrated our knowhow in our affiliated companies Carbon Climate Protection GmbH and Mingas-Power GmbH.

Mingas-Power GmbH is a cooperation between RWE Power and STEAG New Energies GmbH and serves as our centre of excellence for coal mine methane. Further information is available

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