External Contact

The external contact supports the RWE Group in complying with RWE's Code of Conduct. Not only employees can turn to this contact but also third persons such as suppliers or other business partners.

Here you will find all country phone numbers and information about the contact. The phone numbers can only be reached in the respective countries.

Questions and Answers

Who is the external contact?

Lawyers are available as external contacts. In Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands the contacts are locally based and speak the respective local language. The law firm Simmons & Simmons LL.P. acts as coordinator and is supported by local partner law firms in some of the respective countries.

What happens to the information communicated?

As a rule, the external contact summarises the information received and forwards it to the Chief Compliance Officer of RWE AG. The Chief Compliance Officer then decides on what to do with the information. Usually, the facts provided will be reviewed and all the necessary action will be taken to remedy any grievances.

Can information also be given anonymously?

As a rule, the caller should give his/her contact details for reasons of data protection law. This is desirable anyway, if only to enable the contact to get back to the caller with any questions. However, the names and contact details of the caller will be covered by privilege and will in general be disclosed to the company only after consultation with the caller. As a rule, the caller does not have to be afraid of any sanctions due to the forwarding of information. However, this does not apply if wrong information has been communicated deliberately and on purpose.

Will the caller be informed about the development going forward?

The caller can request to be kept posted about the future development with respect to the information he has provided. Usually, this request will be met. For any questions about developments going forward, the caller has to specify the three-digit case file number issued when information is received for the first time.

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