The compliance organisation at RWE

Christoph Meyer-Haferkamp In October 2009 RWE AG set up an Compliance unit which defines independently the principles of general compliance throughout the Group. It is headed by Christoph Meyer-Haferkamp as Chief Compliance Officer.

Compliance-related issues are handled and assessed by compliance officers at the individual RWE Group companies. These compliance officers can be contacted by all staff whenever there is any doubt about a given issue.

However, as well as being able to contact the relevant compliance officer, each member of staff must be put in a position where they can see for themselves whether a case is a compliance issue and then pursue the right course of action. This is ensured through staff training, e-learning programmes and other communication activities.

Any member of staff who becomes aware of violations and does not wish to share their knowledge with their line manager or compliance officer has the option of talking to an external contact of the RWE Group.