Additional Exlanations

The RWE transparency drive contains e.g. operational and inside information with respect to power plants of RWE Generation. The publication is based on the obligations from EC directives no. 543/2013 (data transparency) and 1227/2011 (REMIT, regulation on insider trading). Contents and presentation are most likely similar to the EEX transparency drive which is the primary publication platform of RWE Generation.

Displayed are e.g. planned and spontaneous zero capacity and capacity reduction per unit (freshest information first) relative to RWE Generation's own generation capacity using the primary energies lignite, nuclear energy, gas, hard coal, wherever zero or reduced output is bigger than 10 MW in any of these cases.

Additionally listed are the primaryenergy of the specific unit, the main reason, the strt time and the estimated duration of the power reduction or outage.

The information belonging to the main reason is classified in the following categories: other, technical failure, maintenance, and external influence.

Any indication of the cause and duration of the damage is published to the best of our knowledge and updated due to better knowledge.In the case of unplanned capacity reduction in nuclear power plants, for which the cause is based upon incidents within the plant, the German Atomrechtliche Meldeverordnung AtSMV (Ordinance Concerning Procedures according to Atomic Energy Act) regulates to check a notification requirement for the operator in principle.

The result of this check primarily has to be declared to the regulating authority. For this declaration a time limit is granted by law up to 5 working days. A more detailed specification concerning the main cause, which ad-hoc is mentioned as "other measures", therefore is given with our subsequently published press releases that you can find in the category “Operational information”.

Data given on the availability of the power plants of RWE Generation are not guaranteed, specifically as regards technically related transmission and display errors. This includes any non-availability of the display due to maintenance work or Internet server downtimes, data-transmission routes or any other IT components required. The visual presentation of the online display also depends on the terminal unit and web browser of the Internet user concerned, so that it likewise lays no claim to uniformity.

With respect to the redundancy status of its transparency drive RWE Generation reserves the right to modify, delete or discontinue publishing its information on power plant data at any time.

The information is given compliant to EU's REMIT-order of 8.12.2011 and is geared to any current interest of the general public in such information. The content is copyrighted. No duplication, dissemination or amendment is permissible without the prior written consent of RWE Generation. The information may not be used within the scope of business or private financial decisions. If the information is nonetheless used for this purpose, this is done at the user's own risk.

The provision, reading or use of the information neither establishes a contract nor creates a unilateral guarantee. Nor does the provision of information constitute an offer to conclude a contract on the acquisition of economic data, the furnishing of investment advice, or an invitation to buy or sell goods, derivatives or (other) financial instruments.

Any liability of RWE Generation for physical damage or financial loss resulting from the use or non-use of RWE Generation information is excluded, unless RWE Generation, its employees or contractors have caused the damage/loss by willful action.

The information and this disclaimer are given on the basis of German law, ousting the conflict-of-laws rules. The courts at Essen have exclusive jurisdiction in any claims under this disclaimer.

Last update: 1.9.2015