Peter Ottmann

Managing Director of Verband der kommunalen RWE-Aktionäre GmbH,
Attorney-at-Law, Former Administrator of the district of Viersen

Year of birth: 1951
Place of birth: Warendorf
Nationality: German


Fully qualified lawyer



1977 - 1981Legal Counsel to the City of Ahaus
1981 - 1984Department Head, Gütersloh County
1984 - 1990City Manager, City of Cloppenburg
1990 - 1999City Manager, City of Nettetal
1999 - 2004Mayor of the City of Nettetal
2004 - 2015Administrator of the District of Viersen

Membership in other mandatory supervisory boards

RW Holding AG i. L.


Membership in comparable domestic and foreign supervisory committees of commercial enterprises



Core competences

Utility sector

Public sector

Managerial experience


Relevant knowledge in the energy industry and in financial and municipal economy terms