Engineers in power plants

Construction and modernisation of power plants

The engineering company RWE Technology helps us to ensure that ultra-modern electricity generation plants will continuously contribute to the economic success of RWE. With great expertise and decades of experience the engineering company plans and supervises both new constructions and modernisations of power stations.

Our engineers, technicians, business professionals and lawyers are the construction specialists within RWE and realize power station projects throughout Europe, from the planning stage through to commissioning.

Possible areas of deployment for engineers can be found at our current projects such as the hard coal and petroleum coke power plant in Hamm, Westphalia, or the combined-cycle gas turbine power plant in Staythorpe, United Kingdom. Engineers also collaborate in modernisation and renovation projects like the one at our gas-fired power plant in Lingen. Following fields are in demand: Construction, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering.

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Operation and maintenance of power plants

One of the most important challenges for the employees is enhancing flexibility in the power plant fleet and in our opencast mines. Increasing electricity price volatility requires the extension of market-oriented generation schedule dispatch and an increase in the flexibility parameters of the power stations.

RWE Power´s employees ensure possible operation by increasing availabilities in a market-oriented manner and by optimizing cost management.

Another medium-term challenge is the further development of our power plant fleet, in particular by optimizing existing plants and by selectively constructing new ones. This includes an extension of the economic lives of existing plants and the selective renewal of power plants.

In order to manage these challenging tasks, the company constantly looks for new employees within different technological fields.

For current jobs have a look at our vacancies.