Gas-Fired Power Plants & District Heating

The Claus power plant in Maasbracht in the Netherlands originally consisted of the two identical gas-fired generating units A and B.

The Moerdijk power plant consists of two production units. CCGT power plant Moerdijk 2 was put into operation in 2012.

EdeA/EPG Swentibold Power Plant

The heating power plant Swentibold in Geleen has an electric rating of 231 megawatts.


Inesco Power Plant

The Inesco power plant is located on the premises of chemicals company Ineos in Antwerp, Belgium and had a capacity of 135 megawatts.


WKC's midsized units

RWE operates several midsize heating power plants in the Netherlands, e.g. in Bergen op Zoom, Erica, 's-Hertogenbosch and Klazienaveen.

Bochum cogeneration plant

Today, the plant works mainly according to the energy-saving cogeneration principle. The plant suppliesmajor customers with some 450 million kWh of district heating from natural gas annually.


Dortmund cogeneration plant

Today, the location, after a series of renewals with four gas-fired boilers, covers the district-heating supply of Dortmund and feeds some 350 million kWh a year into the district-heating grid; in addition.


Emsland power plant

Lower Saxony's Lingen has three power-plant units on a natural-gas basis installed today. The Emsland natural-gas power plant benefits from its optimal linkup with the long-distance gas grid.


Gersteinwerk power plant

The four natural-gas units were commissioned at the Gersteinwerk location in the years 1972 – 1973. In those days already, the units were fitted according to the efficiency-enhancing combined-cycle principle.


Didcot B

Our site at Didcot is host to two power stations. Our Didcot B power station is a 1,360 MW combined cycle gas turbine B station, able to supply 1 million households.


Great Yarmouth Power Station

The modern Great Yarmouth plant, powered by natural gas, is a combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT). It has the capacity to generate 400MW of electricity, enough to power a third of a million households.


Little Barford Power Station

Little Barford is a combined cycle gas turbine power station with a generating capacity of 700MW, enough to meet the electricity demands of over half a million households.


Pembroke Power Station

Pembroke Power Station is a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant which began full commercial operation in September 2012.


Staythorpe Power Station

Staythorpe is a gas-fired power station that began full commercial operation in November 2010. Staythorpe can generate 1,650MW of electricity – enough to power around 2.8 million homes.