This is RWE. We represent secure energy supply.

The modern industrial and service society has many crucial arteries: data networks, mobility,  competitive industries, building infrastructure. All of these have one thing in common: They all need electricity.

For some, electricity is already the main fuel. For others, it will become much more important in the future. Demand for electricity will rise as a result of this. More than ever before, electricity is a product with fantastic potential. Especially for RWE. In order to reliably supply these arteries of our modern society over the long run we need power plants that can always deliver electricity when it is needed.

This is the basis upon which RWE is developing. Its strategy is based on three goals:

First: RWE will continue to optimise its power generation operations.
RWE power stations will stay “best in class”. Especially with regards to operating and decommissioning nuclear power stations RWE’s guiding principle will always stay “safety first”. RWE has a clearly defined CO2 reduction schedule for its lignite power stations.

Second: RWE leverages the potential linked to its core business.
Over the longer term, the restructuring of the energy system will have an effect on the power plant portfolio. RWE wants to further develop its portfolio of flexible assets. In terms of strategy, operations and organisation, RWE is positioning itself in order to anticipate and embrace market  developments. With regards to its energy trading business, RWE’s main goal is to ensure long-term profitability.Furthermore, RWE also wants to achieve organic growth in this business in the coming years.

Third: RWE will be an active driver behind new solutions for security of supply. Security of supply is one of the core challenges in the transformation of the energy sector. This is why it is already necessary to form a vision of the more distant future right now. Technologies like power to gas, power to liquid and large-scale batteries may be an important key to success for the transformation of the energy sector. RWE will be actively involved in these developments right from the very start.

RWE has a clearly defined plan for the future: We are a provider of security of supply. RWE is a powerful player in the transformation of the European energy system and is its backbone. RWE ensures that economies, enterprises and in particular the people living here have electricity available to them. Electricity that is both secure and affordable.That’s our commitment - backed by our energy, expertise and innovation.

RWE is a company with a clear-cut goal, for the present and for the future:

As the backbone for security of supply in our core regions...

…we provide grid stability and security of supply based on the largest flexible power station fleet in Germany and highly efficient power stations in the UK and the Netherlands, making us a partner for Europe’s energy transition.

As a reliable, flexible provider of affordable and secure energy supply…

…we operate a broad power station portfolio which includes gas, hard coal, lignite, nuclear, hydro and biomass, making us resilient to the market risks of single energy sources.

As a leading energy trader in the major European and international markets…

…we are active in global trading markets for energy and associated commodities such as power, gas, coal and oil. Liquid markets guarantee efficient security of supply for the European economy.

As a partner for our customers providing tailor-made solutions for their energy supply…

…we provide security and predictability for industrial customers as well as for trading partners and municipalities, along with innovative, customised solutions to meet their energy needs.