Energy trading overview

Why do we need energy trading? What is being traded, where and how? Energy trading is a complex topic that raises many questions in the public. RWE experts – from energy specialists to legal experts – have the answers.

Why trading?

Global energy supplies have become a scarce commodity.The competition for safe and affordable energy has moved from inside the borders of national markets.

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How transparent are the processes within energy trading?

Efficient trading needs common information standards: what is published where and at when? A lack of transparency is a common complaint from the public in connection with the trading of energy.

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What is traded?

Practically any type of energy or energy resource for which sufficient supply and demand exist can be traded. These are mainly electricity, CO2 allowances, gas, coal and oil.

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Where and how does trading take place?

Trading of energy happens in part on exchanges, but, unlike financial trading, also to a great extent outside of them. In Europe there are currently more than a dozen of these exchanges.

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