The perfect evening by the fireside: first wood, then briquettes

Anyone keen to make optimal use of their modern fireplace should combine wood and lignite briquettes as fuel.
Ready-for-use firewood is the traditional fuel for any fireplace. It burns quickly, produces a long flame, heats up the fireplace fast and ensures a romantic play of flames, so that wood is the ideal fuel if the fireplace is only used for short periods. However, if you wish to spend long evenings by the fireside, it is recommended to put Heizprofi briquettes in the fireplace after the wood following the motto: first wood, then briquettes.
High-quality firewood and briquettes are available as cleanly packaged goods under the unitary name "Heizprofi" from the fuel trade, cooperatives, supermarkets and DIY stores.

Here’s how!

Before kindling, please read the operating instructions for your appliance.

Lighting the fire. Place suitable fire starters, a sufficient amount of thin kindling wood and few lignite briquettes on a clean grate. Set the air vent to 'ignition' or open the air supply completely. Once the fuel is completely alight, turn the air vent to the preferred setting – in accordance with the operating instructions – or reduce the air feed. (An inadequate air feed leads to smouldering.) Never use unsuitable fire starters (e.g. petrol)!




Heating mode. After ignition, a fuelbed emerges. When in heating mode, simply shake off the ash or stoke the fuelbed. Place a few lignite briquettes on the embers and set the air vent to ignition or open the air feed completely. Once the fuel is alight, set the air vent to the preferred heat release.





Keeping up embers. Before you go to bed, add two to four lignite briquettes and wait until they are alight. Then set the air vent as per operating instructions. Next morning, after you have shaken off the ash and stoked the fuelbed, place wood and a few lignite briquettes on the embers. Proceed as described under Heating mode.