• Activated Lignite HOK

Activated Lignite HOK

Environmental protection need not cost the earth!

Activated Lignite HOK: the effective and low-cost sorbent for waste gas cleaning and effluent treatment.

Activated Lignite HOK is produced on the basis of Rhenish lignite in the so-called rotary hearth furnace process. The special properties of Rhenish lignite, coupled with the activation conditions in the rotary hearth furnace, yield Activated Lignite HOK which has been used for many years as low-cost adsorption and filter agent in the most varied of applications in waste gas and effluent treatment. Every year, some 80,000 tons of Activated Lignite HOK is used in environmental protection. Worldwide, 500 operators have opted for RWE Power’s Activated Lignite HOK in environmental uses.